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Web Solutions 123 was founded in 2001. We have successfully developed more than fifty corporate projects as well as much more small websites. Thanks to the modern structure of our business, we are able to meet the widest range of challenges of the highest complexity, whilst maintaining low prices for our services.

Our organisation is comprised of a close knit group of freelancers. As professional programmers and designers etc, we work directly for our clients providing the most cost effective services. We do not pay sales managers, directors or accountants which helps us provide the best value for money. However, we are still an official tax paying Ukrainian company. Some of us work from home, and others work in prestigious firms with high salaries. The result is a team of highly technical specialists with a mutual aim to serve our clients.


Наши лучшие работы: web-сайты, системы электронного бизнеса, системы управления контентом


Aside from our instinctive dedication towards our individual professions, our long standing cooperation with each other is tried and tested. The highest degree of responsibility, integrity and value is clearly reflected upon our clients - these are the key reasons why Web Solutions 123 is one of the best in the industry.

We offer services that encompass the entirety of web development. Web-design, content management systems, e-Business, Internet shops, and solutions for Mobile Internet. Many of our unique solutions allow clients to raise their business efficiency, providing considerable savings in development and support.

Our solutions in web-technologies aims to help clients quickly maximise returns, more than compensating for money invested in their projects.

We create solutions that work!

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