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Web Development Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a web site for my business important?

  • Get visibility. Future customers can find your company's products and services on the web.
  • Add credibility. A web site builds trust and gives customers the assurance that you have what it takes for them to do business with you.
  • Differentiate your offerings. Show potential customers that your products and services are different from your competitors' and easy to find on your web site.
  • Impress your customers. Share raving reviews from your customers. Use your web site to showcase your expertise and experience.
  • Attract and retain customers. How? By knowing your customers. Understand their actions from buying your product or signing up for your service to joining your mailing list. Build customer loyalty through state-of-the-art customer relationship management tools.
  • Grow your sales. Open up an additional channel for growth. Use your web site to aggressively market your products and services.
  • Redirect and minimize support calls. Your web site can answer many common questions for your customers. Customers can locate your store, generate a map and driving directions to your store, look up your contact information and receive a free quote. Your customers will feel empowered by finding answers to their questions more quickly and efficiently. This also helps reduce your customer support expenditures, improving your bottom line.
  • Enlighten your customers. Provide the educational materials that customers need to make purchase decisions, and provide them with the ability to bookmark your site. You know what they need to know - make sure they can easily find this information on your web site.
  • It pays for itself. Your web site pays for itself, often several times over. Your web site will sell your products, generate sales leads and save you significant money on customer support costs.

Why do I need a professional to design my web site for me?

  • Make a great first impression. Your web site is your online face to your customers, many of whom will be visiting you for the first time. This may be your only chance to make a great first impression.
  • Stand out among the competition. Look unique and stand out from the crowd. Your custom designed web site will differentiate you from others who created their web sites with a template chosen from a template gallery.
  • Aim for quality. Our professionals are experts in professional web design. We know what's effective and what's not, and can design a higher quality web site than you could build by yourself.
  • Get access to the right tools. Creating your ideal web site can be technically challenging. Chances are, you do not have all the right tools. But Web Solutions has the trained professionals and latest tools to create a web site that will stand out among your competitors and help you achieve your goals.
  • Get expert advice. Web Solutions has years of experience developing thousands of web sites. We can offer you valuable insights and creative direction that is original and effective for your business.
  • Save time. There are tools and templates out there that you can use to create your web site yourself, but our designers can create a custom web site faster and more efficiently than you can.
  • Save money. Since it takes us less time and effort than it would take you to design a web site, we can do it more affordably than you think. See our affordable web site design packages.
  • Grow faster. We have the right resources readily available to take care of all your web design needs. We offer a complete variety of web design services, so we can add any additional functionality you may need as your company and your web site continue to grow.
  • Ensure compatibility. We make sure your web site works with many browsers.
  • Get it now. Don't put off your web site project any longer - choose a web site design package today. Once you fill out and return our questionnaire, you'll see your first concepts in 3 business days.

Why is Web Solutions the best place for me to get a web site?
Find out why Web Solutions' web services are right for you.

What's the difference between a template and a complete web site?
A template is a tool you can use. A web site template is a design and layout for one or more web pages - for example, Home Page (index.html), Product Page, About Us Page, Contact Us Page, etc. Web site templates are the foundation you use to generate your own web pages and build your own web site. The web site template is the skeleton. A complete web site is a template plus all the web pages that get created from it. A web site includes the copy, images and content you want included on every web page.

Why not just order a pre-designed template?
A pre-designed template is not unique. At Web Solutions, our web page templates are custom designed. Web Solutions also offers affordable web site design where you get a custom web site design, plus the creativity and expert advice of a professional web designer. With our Professional Web Site Design and Corporate Web Site Design packages, you are getting a custom designed web site AND all your content included on the site. See the explanation above of the difference between a template and a complete web site. Find out more about the advantages of choosing Web Solutions web services.

Why not just create my web site using a Front Page template?
Front Page templates are very basic and not suitable for commercial use. They are difficult to use, even for someone with experience. Make sure your business is not "Under Construction." We suggest using Front Page for copyediting.

Why not use the Yahoo! Small Business tool to create my web site?
Yahoo! Small Business offers a limited number of templates. Save your time and money by getting a professional job the first time, with Web Solutions.

What if I already have a web site, but want to get a web site redesign?
Many times a company will get a web site simply to "have one". Then they realize it is not doing anything to increase business. Web Solutions will work with you to create a web site redesign that focuses on your business goals and presents a professional appearance. Find out more about our web site redesign services.

What are the steps of building a web site?
See our Web Sites 101 to learn about the phases of building a web site.

How do I choose the web site package that is right for me?
We offer a variety of packages sure to meet your needs from templates to fully designed sites, to added functionality like ecommerce and flash. See our web site packages to determine which package may be right for you.

  • Choose our Simple Website package if you want a new home page or unique promotional page.
  • Choose our Professional Website package for sharing information about your company, products and services.
  • Choose our Corporate Website package if you have more content to share, such as a catalog or portfolio of work.
  • Choose our E-Commerce Web Site package if you plan to sell your products or services using a payments over the Internet.
Please contact us directly if you need more information.

How do I choose my web designer?
Web Solutions will assign one of our proven professional designers to design and deliver your web site. We have pre-screened and selected our designers based on the quality of their work, breadth of styles they offer, depth of their experience in web design and their reputation and referrals, among other factors.

How much does it cost?
In general, projects completed through Web Solutions cost 30-50% less than those at major web design agencies. See our Web Site Packages. Introductory packages start at just €50.

How long will it take?
The duration of a web site project varies according to its complexity. At Web Solutions, a basic web site is usually completed in 2-4 weeks, and an e-commerce site is usually completed in 6-8 weeks. We have faster turnaround times than many other web design agencies. The following are factors that add time to your project:

  • The number of pages that need to be created
  • The level and sophistication of functionality required - for example, user login and registration, online forms and submission, a shopping cart, payment processing, etc.
  • The amount of graphics that need to be designed from scratch
  • The amount of text (or copy) that needs to be inserted or written
You can expect the following turnaround times with our packages:
  • Web Page Design:
    First concepts in 3 business days - the process begins as soon as you complete our questionnaire;
    Revisions based on feedback in 2 business days;
    Usually completed in 10 business days.
  • Web Page Templates:
    First concepts in 3 business days - the process begins as soon as you complete our questionnaire;
    Revisions based on feedback in 2 business days;
    Usually completed in 15 business days.
  • Professional Web Site Design:
    First concepts in 3 business days - the process begins as soon as you complete our questionnaire;
    Revisions based on feedback in 2 business days;
    Usually completed in 20 business days.
  • Corporate Web Site Design:
    First concepts in 3 business days - the process begins as soon as you complete our questionnaire;
    Revisions based on feedback in 2 business days;
    Usually completed in 30 business days.
Our web site redesign and custom web site design services vary according to what is involved.

How do I launch, host and maintain my web site?
Please see How Take My Web Site Live.

Who are Web Solutions' customers?
Web Solutions has developed web sites for businesses in virtually every industry. We've worked successfully with professionals starting out on their own, growing businesses, retailers, companies creating new products, large corporations and more. What was their experience - please look at Our Portfolio.

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