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How to Take Your Web Site Live

Once you receive your Web Solutions' website or web design files, the next step is to "take it live." Here are the steps to put your new professional website on the web so everyone can see and use it.

  • Register your domain name.
    There are many services through which you can buy a URL (your web site name, for example and register your domain name. The cost of domain name registration hesitates from 3-4 to 20-40 USD per year. It depends on the company and name chosen by you. Often service of domain name registration combines with the web-hosting service (see below).
  • Subscribe to a web hosting service
    There are many places that can host your web site, efficiently and cost effectively. Prices range from a few dollars a month to several hundred dollars a month. You pay for what you need. The amount you pay depends on many things, such as the number of visitors to your site, required disk space or add-on hosting services that you require.
    We always being able to advise you the correct choice of web hosting company depending on the requirements of your project. In addition, for majority of websites we could be hosted at our own high-quality and reliable web hosting.
    It is important: products produced at Web Solutions 123 can be placed anywhere!
  • Place files at the web server
    Files given by us must be placed on a server. In addition, some tuning of server must be conducted. We can you help in this thing also.
  • Add your web site to search engines
    The world must know about your website. For this purpose it is necessary to be registered it in the searching systems and directories. Their hundreds but basic are Google, Yahoo, MSN, Dmoz, Overture. We could do it for you and not only a website registration but also we could to do some things to increase the rating of your website that provides the greater number of visitors.
  • Use your website address
    Use it anywhere that it is possible: in advertising, business cards, signature of your emails and ordinary letters, in the forms of document. Inform about it all your partners.
  • Send an email campaign
    Send an email to all your customers letting them know about it.
  • Create a banner
    Create a banner ad and place it on a popular site, such as Yahoo! or MSN, to drive traffic to your site. Where you place the ad depends on where your target audience will be surfing the web.
  • Linx Exchange
    This is one of major parts that promotes rating of websites in the searching systems. We can offer for you the complete set of services for successful conducting of links exchange. Unlike creation of design or website this process is permanent and requires certain qualification. Our company can provide the full service on links exchange for your website.

Have more questions? Web Sites 101 has things you may want to consider when building a web site.

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