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Who Should Build It?

So you've decided you need a web site. The next question is: How do you choose a web developer? Should you try to do it yourself? Get a friend to do it for you? Go to a professional web company? Here are the most common options and some tips to help you choose which one is right for you.

  • Do it yourself
    This is the least expensive option. However, least expensive does not always equal most cost effective. If you really know what you're doing and feel comfortable with the technology involved, you can build your web site yourself. There are generic, inexpensive templates that you can purchase or even get for free and software that will help you build your site. But if you're not fully comfortable, do not build it yourself. You may have to go back later and hire a professional to do it over again. The bottom line is, if you don't have the expertise or the time, there are better options.
  • Get a friend to do it for you
    These days everyone has a "friend" in the web design business. This friend will sometimes even give you a price discount. That's great. But one word of caution - make sure your friend has the expertise and the experience to do the job right. There is no worse position than to be working with a friend and NOT be happy with the end results. You can either say nothing, or speak up and risk harming the friendship. It is easier to be honest with a professional that you don't have a personal relationship with.
  • Hire a professional web designer
    Before hiring a professional web designer, do some research first. Ask to see their portfolio of past work to see if their style and work matches your vision. Find out who else they've worked with and what their experience has been like. Make sure they have the credentials to know what they're doing and the communication skills to be able to work together with you to achieve your goals.
  • Hire a high priced agency
    Chances are you'll probably get high quality work, but you'll also pay for it. And it can take time. Agencies are not known for their quick turnarounds. And if you're a smaller client, you may not get the same time and attention that bigger clients get.
  • Hire Web Solutions 123
    With Web Solutions, you get agency-quality work but at a fraction of the cost. Website projects completed through Web Solutions are turned around much faster and cost 30-50% less than those at major web design agencies. Plus, Web Solutions has already done the legwork on researching the best web designers and programmers out there. We choose our workers based on strict criteria. And with our Satisfaction Guarantee, we don't stop until you are completely satisfied.

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