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Web Site Packages

Do you want a new website? Do you want to replenish your existing website or add new functionality? Web Solutions 123 offers the wide range of possible solutions for your tasks!

  1. Simple website or home page: €50
  2. Professional website: €450
  3. Corporate website: €1000
  4. E-commerce website: €1500
  5. Custom web-service: €50

  6. Simple web design: €50
  7. Custom web design: €200
  8. Redesign of existing website: €100

  9. Professional web hosting: €5 / month
  10. Website Search Engine Optimization: from €50 / month

See detailed information on each package below.

  1. Simple Website (Home Page) €50 *
    A single web page is an excellent option if you prefer to start your web presence with a home page to direct people to call your phone number or visit your physical location. Or maybe you already have a web site and you wish to add a unique promotional page to appeal to a specific customer segment. If so, this package is for you.
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  2. Professional Web Site €400 *
    Custom web site with up to 8 web pages. Ideal for sharing information about your company, products and services. This also includes a Navigation Menu, a News page and a Contact Us form with email sending ability.
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  3. Corporate Web Site €1000 *
    Custom web site with unlimited number of web pages. It is good if you have more content to share, such as a catalogue or portfolio of work. Also including Navigation Menu, News page, Contact Us form, Site Search function and a Zone for clients or registered users.
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  4. E-commerce Web Site €1500 *
    Custom web site with unlimited number of web pages and connected to one of the Internet Payment Systems. It is good if you plan to sell your products or services using payments over the Internet. Also including Navigation Menu, News page, Contact Us form, Site Search function, Products Catalogue, Shopping Cart and Sales Stats.
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  5. Wap Site or Mobile Service €75 *
    Need a special kind of web site compatible with mobile phones? Or some Internet Service for supporting your mobile users? We can help you to be mobile over the world.
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  6. Custom Web Service €50 *
    Looking for other web-related work? We specialize in ecommerce, mobile services, online forms and database integration, search engine optimization, banner ads, hosting, maintenance and much more.
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  7. Simple Web Design €50 *
    One web page. You can select what you would like from a wide variety of already prepared Design Templates and/or ask to change some details for your taste. This is good for creating a personal or professional resume web site.
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  8. Custom Web Design €200 *
    One web page or Logo. Professional completely custom and unique design with unlimited concepts and unlimited revisions. It is good to promote a small or medium business or for a professional resume site to show your products or samples of your work.
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  9. Redesign of existing website: €100 *
    Update the appearance of your website to make it modern and original. Expansion your websites functionality. All websites need replenishing from time to time!
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  10. Professional web hosting €5 / month *
    Your web site needs to be placed somewhere on the Internet. There are many places that can host your web site. We can suggest a reliable and cost effective solution for you.
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  11. Website Search Engine Optimization: €50 / month *
    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) work increases the rating of your website in the searching systems. It produces more visitors to the site and growth in the volume of sales in final analysis. All websites need it!
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* Note
The cost for work shown on this page does not take in to consideration your specific aims. The potential cost could be more or less but it would be agreed with you in advance. Of course all prices depend on your requirements and the actual volume of work involved. To receive more detailed information please use this form or contact us directly.

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