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Our 7th anniversary! 2008.05.19
It`s a birthday of the Web Solutions 123 - we are 7 years old! Event notes with carnivals and fireworks! Thanks to all the people who worked with us all this time - our programmers, designers and sysadmins. Special thanks to our clients - for your ideas, your confidence and your patience. Thank you are with us!
TV Movies Announcement 2008.03.02
I like to watch movies :) but I do not like ads including web ads. Therefore, it was a little page created, which contains only TV movies announcements and nothing superfluous. Information is importing "on-the-fly" from another website.
New website: 2008.02.18
Launched a new website This is a classic beginners-level website, contains 3 pages (one of which is Link Exchange), domain name is placed in subdomain for free, website is hosted at our webserver. The project was finished in 4 days, considering the design!
Updated: 2007.12.15
Independent Realty Portal updated. Added the search function. Google AdSense was set up. Acquired experience of AdSense optimisation. After the first month the website began to cover the cost of its content!
Five Payment Gateways! 2007.11.01
We finished the integration works on project "Essay" with the three payment systems simultaneously. Our client now has the opportunity to use any system to choose:, or The last of these is integrated into the site. This means that visitors to the site holds a payment directly to the site, does not affect the payment system site! Note that we already have the experience with another two payment systems: and Totaly we have five payment gateway systems in our arsenal!
New website: 2007.06.01
Launched a new Internet portal (in the preliminary design, it looks like this). The portal contains information about 5000+ articles. Specially for this project was released a new version of CMS DocBuilder
New website: 2007.03.15
Launched a new image-website of the Demark company, Ukraine. In addition to the traditional "product catalog" and "contacts" realized a unique form of calculating the cost of the order. "Techno" style webdesign aptly complements with a drop-down menu. For the first time the site administrator has the opportunity to alter images in the website template, not only in the text of the page.
New design: 2007.01.15
We`ve got a new design on our website design! Hopefully, it is more convenient and interesting. We have big plans to expand the site. It will open the following sections: · articles and reviews to help understand the modern web-technologies; · the offer of work for programmers and designers to a remote work; · PHP and JavaScript scripts to share it for free!
3 customers at web-hosting 2006.12.15
Service on our web-hosting enjoy the first 3 client! Our clients received 100Mb of disk space and unlimited number of mailboxes, redirects, FTP-accounts. The server is located in Washington State, USA. The speed access to the server from Ukraine higher than to
New website: 2006.10.21
The Independent Realty Portal contains the unique information processing system that is able to gather and to systematize the realty related information. Special new text-content engine was developed for this project. It placed at our web hosting server. Our new Link Exchange system is implemented also.
New system: Link Exchange 2006.10.10
New fully-automated link exchange system is developed for needs od our clients in SEO. It is not only simple in use tool, it could to accept new links from the Internet serfers automatically and then it could to monitor if the reciprocal links are alive, notify the link-partner if a problem been detected and even to disable the link at our side if this problem was not recovered intime!
New flash-banner 2006.09.16
New flash-animation banner "Videos Of Real Ladies" was developed for our client ASA Vantage, the dating agency.
New website: 2006.09.01
Ukrainian child cloth manufacturer`s website is a classical corporate website from our Web Site Packages.
New website: 2006.08.01
Small-business oriented is the "one-page website". Special features: free website name as a "" subdomain, very cheap webhosting at our webserver, free e-mail box and FTP access. The best choice for website owners who is just a beginner!
Web hosting service opened 2006.07.10
Let us introduce our new service: the web hosting! Our clients could get the well featured web-server. High connection speed and maximum uptime was a criteria while we searched our partner for this project.
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