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New website: 2006.03.01
The Oil Company from the Norway has oredered this project. Except the traditional pages for a corporate website it was developed the stock exchange information page (Share Graphs) that is importing from the another website.
New project: SMS-talk 2005.12.15
This interactive system is providing the SMS-dialogue between mobile phone owners and company staff like customers support service or information services. The moust advanced feature of this project is the flexible messaging stream balancing betweeng several operators.
New website: 2005.09.30
At this website the design renewed and the information engine totally changed (CMS DocBuilder been used). In addition 3 different languages presents now!
New website: 2005.05.30
Website been ordered by Widerstrahl Ukraine one of the biggest tourist agency of the Ukraine. Big information volume is combined with high structure flexibility and constantly changes of the information. In addition the hotel online-booking is realized.
New website: 2005.05.05
The Polygraphic Companies Catalogue (Yellow Pages) was made for our Germany client. Well featured logic for information selecting was realized in combination with the access delimiting for different groups of users.
WS123 name registered 2005.04.08
Our web-site was hosted at a long time. So now we have registered our new main domain name:
New website: 2005.01.10
This website is a special kind of interactive statistics tool for a Mobile-marketing company. Serving several mobile-projects simultaneously our system is able to delimit the access of customers to different kinds of information anf functionality. Except the stats itself it was realised 2 high-complicated methods of lottery winners detection. For us it was a greate expirience with Sybase DB also.
New website: 2004.02.28
The electronics internet shop was designed for our customer from the US. Based on CMS DocBuilder it was extended with several high-complicated modules to serve the needs of the online shop including a delivery service and marketing statistics. Good searching functionality and user-friendly interface are the best features of this project.
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